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We are proud of our southwest Calgary denture clinic and the services we provide to our patients.

Why Choose Us

At Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre we strive to not only meet our patient’s expectations, but to exceed them!

We accomplish this through our high standards of practice, quality workmanship, attention to your issues, needs and wishes, and our attention to detail.

We educate our patients in what their current conditions are and how we can fix them; this by providing you with all viable treatment options and working within your budget. Only through proper education and explaining the different available treatments, can you make an informed decision on your dental health.

There are no surprises at our clinic. You are fully informed of all costs for all of the various available treatment options, prior to starting the work.

Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre has all the required infection prevention and control items and equipment in place to ensure both compliance with government legislation and to provide you, the patient, with confidence that you are being treated in a safe and aseptic environment.

At Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre we use only high quality premium materials in the provision and manufacturing of your dentures, and provide this at regular prices!

In our Calgary denture clinic, we are proud to use the Ivoclar IvoBase* processing system for the majority of our dentures. This system produces one of the best denture bases available with the least dimensional change and lowest residual monomer (chemical in the denture base).

For partial dentures we utilize Cad Cam Printed Chromium or Milled Titanium frameworks as our standard materials. Additional options for partial frameworks include Gold and various Flexible material options.

We are happy to discuss with you the various material options for you to consider. Not all dentures are made the same!

* Registered Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Billing & Dental Insurance Coverage

We are pleased to offer our patients the convenience of paying for their services via VisaMastercardInterac, or with cash.

For those who have dental insurance coverage, our Calgary denture clinic utilizes electronic claim submission processes. Patients can choose to either pay the full amount of their services and collect from their insurance company, or we would be happy to direct bill on your behalf.  Some insurance companies will not assign payment to practitioners, and for those plans, we cannot collect from your insurance, but will process the claim so you are reimbursed in a timely fashion.

Although we are happy to assist you with using your dental insurance coverage, we remind patients that they are ultimately responsible for the total fees for the services they have chosen, regardless of insurance coverage levels and changes that occur in that coverage. 

Please discuss the payment options with our office staff!

Your Privacy

At Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre we comply with all the legislated privacy laws to ensure that your personal information is secure and remains private.

Our Calgary denture clinic utilizes electronic recordkeeping, which is encrypted and password protected, and backed-up in multiple protected fashions. No more paper files to get damaged or lost.

Our Clinic Photos
At Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre, we accept:
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Your Private Dental Insurance coverage, for preauthorized services with insurance companies that allow assignment.

Government Dental Coverage,
(Seniors Group 101, Alberta Works, AISH, DVA) for preauthorized services.

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