Services & Fees

At Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre, we provide all denturist services directly to the public; referrals are not necessary. We are accepting the new Canadian Dental Care Plan.

Charles and Gabriela personally handcraft every new denture provided in our clinic with assistance from our Dental Technician. Our years of experience and attention to detail, provide our patients with personalized dentures made to suit them. We only utilize premium quality materials in our dentures, which provides our patients with more natural looking dentures complete with better tooth wear resistance which can extend the life of your dentures!

Below is some general information on denturist services, fees and quotations. For additional information please contact our office to book an appointment at our southwest Calgary denture clinic, where we can answer your questions and provide you with viable treatment options and costs for your consideration.

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Consultations & Examinations

Consultations are only useful if you are examined and your specific needs are determined.

Without a proper examination, viable treatment options cannot be validly determined, and this cannot be done over the phone!

What a patient may believe they need is not always what needs to be done. Sometimes dentures can be relined and modified instead of being replaced, and sometimes minor treatments are not going to provide the desired results a patient seeks.

A proper general prosthodontic examination will provide the practitioner with key and essential information. With this information we can properly advise you as to possible treatments to meet your desires and needs, and to maintain your oral health. Further, we are examining your mouth to detect any abnormalities which would then need to be checked by a specialist.

Where necessary, we make referrals to other healthcare professionals such as Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists and Physicians, to provide our patients with full and proper care.

Our general examination typically involves evaluation of over 70 items and our recall examinations over 50 items!

Consultations are complimentary, however, fees do apply to examinations, which may be covered in whole or in part by any applicable insurance coverage you have.

Repairs, Relines, Temporary Relines - Tissue Conditioning, and Adjustments

Dentures break and dentures become loose and sore as the structures in your mouth change over time.

Denture repairs can normally be done the same day, and usually do not require an appointment. Most repairs can be done within two hours (schedule dependent).

For sore spots, adjustments are usually a quick and minor treatment; we do prefer to book you an appointment to do this though so that we can attend to you in a timely fashion!

Denture relines require a consultation and examination appointment first, in order for us to determine if in fact your denture(s) can be relined (or need to be relined), and if any pre-treatment needs to be done to heal irritated tissue or to correct technical inadequacies with your denture(s).

Both hard and resilient (permanently soft) relines are provided; usually the same day.

Additionally, temporary relines/tissue conditioning are provided. These multi-functional materials are used to temporarily reline a denture, to heal irritated tissues and/or to accommodate for bone/tissue loss after extractions, and for what is know as a function impression for some types of relines.

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Complete & Partial Dentures

Our office provides a variety of complete and partial dentures, from your first denture following extractions (Surgical or Immediate Denture), to replacement dentures.

With our in-house laboratory, most manufacturing procedures are completed by us. Charles and Gabriela take the time to personally “set-up” denture cases to ensure the personalization you are wanting in your new denture(s).

We provide Standard and Complex denture services for both complete or partial dentures.

Our replacement dentures are normally done in a five to six appointment system, which provides for detailed and comprehensive processes in the creation of your new denture(s) striving to provide you with the best fit and function possible.

We provide acrylic or metal-framed partial dentures, with your choice of metal material from Chrome-Cobalt or Titanium to Gold. In some circumstances, a flexible framework may be considered appropriate.

Implant Retained Solutions

Implant retained prostheses provide patients with added retention and stability, and can be either a removable device or a device that you, the patient, cannot remove.

Patients often question if there is affordable dental implants? That is obviously a question that depends not only on your own financial comfort level, but on the exact dental implant treatment to be done. The more implants placed, the more involved the restorations on the implants, the more expensive the dental implant solution will be. Some people find the simplest solution of two implants to be easily within their financial comfort zone.

We are pleased to work in conjuction with your chosen dental practitioner who is placing the implants, or we would be happy to provide you with a referral to a dental practitioner for a consultation regarding dental implant treatments.

It is highly preferred that we are involved from the onset of this type of treatment, to ensure that the practitioner placing your implants has the necessary information and items to place your implants into a position that will be optimal for your prosthesis.

In addition, we provide ongoing maintenance and replacement procedures for your implant prosthesis.

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Other Services
At Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre, we also provide “non-denture” services, such as home tooth whitening kits for natural teeth, denture supplies such as cleaners, soaks, pastes, and ultrasonic cleaners for oral appliances.
Oral Cancer

Although Oral Cancer is one of the lesser common forms of cancer, it is important to have your mouth checked periodically to check for changes in the mouth tissues.

For more information on Oral Cancer, please visit the Canadian Cancer Society website information on Oral Cancer.

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Fees & Quotations

Denturists in Alberta have a Recommended Fee Schedule which is produced by the Denturist Association’s Fee Guide Development & Negotiations Committee. The fee schedule is a guideline for Denturists in Alberta to follow based on variables such as time required for procedures, costs of overhead, material costs and specific patient considerations. There is no requirement to follow this schedule.


At Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre, we follow the fee schedule for the most part, and for some procedures our fees are less than those indicated in the Recommended Fee Schedule.


When assessing fees, patients need to be aware that not all procedures and materials are the same. Higher quality materials cost more initially, but provide for a better product that typically lasts longer, therefore extending the life of the product such as a denture, and therefore saving you money in the long run! 


Some patients ask why we won’t quote a price over the phone. Without seeing a patient and completing an examination, it is impossible to provide you with the appropriate and viable treatment options and the applicable costs for you to consider. Sometimes people think they need new dentures when in fact a relining will correct the issues they are having, which is a more economical solution. Sometimes people want to reline their dentures, but the dentures are cannot be relined due to technical issues such as severe wear. Simply put, quotations over the phone do not provide you with the actual information you need in order to make an informed and appropriate decision on your denture treatment needs. 


Our “Types of Dentures” page provides scaling of costs for the different types of services. 

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