Not all dentures are created equally.


Let us provide you with a personalize and natural smile at our southwest Calgary denture clinic; we do smile makeovers!


Comfort, function and natural appearance utilizing high quality materials! 

About Us


Oakridge Denture Centre is located in SW Calgary at the Calgary Oakridge Co-Op mall. The clinic was originally established in 2004. In the fall of 2013, Charles Gulley, our denturist, transformed the part time southwest Calgary denture clinic into a full time denture clinic and renamed the business to Oakridge Denture Centre.

In our conveniently located and renovated denture clinic, we offer all returning and new patients full comprehensive denture treatments to suit your needs; from a variety of new dentures , simple adjustments, repairs and relines, to continued care.


​We main clinic is open Monday to Thursday from 8:00-Noon & 12:30-4; and Fridays from 8:00-Noon. We are normally at our secondary location half-days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Other times can be arranged if necessary at either location!

Our fees generally follow the guidelines of the Alberta  Recommended Fee Schedule for most services.


If you have a dental plan, we can administer the claim submission for your treatment.

Our Location


Our clinic is conveniently located in the Oakridge Co-Op Mall professional wing, There is abundant free parking available and our office is wheelchair friendly. Our mall entrance is on the east side off of 24th Street (by the A&W).

At our southwest Calgary denture clinic, we provide a clean, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for our patients. We are proud to meet/exceed the College of Alberta Denturists Infection Prevention & Control Standards.  

The Oakridge Co-op site is undergoing redevelopment. There is a new Professional Building located in the southwest part of the complex, beside the Boston Pizza. We will be relocating our clinic to this new building this fall! Stay tuned for updates on the move. 





At Oakridge Denture Clinic and at Deerfoot Dental Centre, we provide: 


Mini-implants provide a more economical long-term treatment for loose dentures.

Are you tired of your lower denture moving while your eating and speaking? Tired of not being able to eat the foods you want? Thought about dental implants but don't think you can afford them?

Although standard dental implant treatment can be costly depending on what is done and your position on costs, mini-implants provide a more economical solution with excellent results. 

Historically, mini-implants were considered to be a temporary solution and had limited systems to retain a denture. Now, mini-implants are considered to be a long-term solution and are available with two excellent systems to retain your denture; either the Locator® Overdenture Implant System or the Straumann Mini-implant Optiloc® System.

Call now to set up your appointment to have our denturist Charles, discuss the reasonable option for loose lower dentures; they can be used for upper dentures too!

We proudly use the high quality materials from leading dental manufacturers.

Ivoclar |  More than a Denture | Calgary Denture Clinic
Dentsply SIrona | Oakridge Denture Centre | Calgary Denture Clinic

A Denture is a Denture, is a Denture

A denture is a denture, is a denture; well not really. Some businesses advertise all kinds of dentures; "basic", "economy", "premium", "cosmetic" and even "boutique".  These names are misleading and may give a person a false sense of what they will be getting, and are often done to try to entice people to come to the business.  In Alberta the Regulatory Body states that there are two basic denture types; Standard or Complex, and within those types, are some variations such as surgical and implant dentures. 

There are some techniques which are recognized that fit into the denture types, such as the Ivoclar BPS® Denture System. 

For more information on types of dentures, visit our page Types of Dentures and BPS®Dentures with Suction Effect Lower Dentures.