BPS Dentures

BPS® Dentures & Suction Effect Lower Dentures

97cddf b3e1c2a245514ae39141d81218e2e36b mv2BPS® Dentures are dentures that follow a strict process to provide, which includes industry leading methods and materials resulting in a high quality, natural appearing and comfortable denture. BPS stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic System.

The materials and processes for BPS® Dentures are dictated by Ivoclar Vivadent AG; a world leader in dental products and equipment.

Only practitioners who are certified by Ivoclar Vivadent can provide BPS® Dentures. Charles Gulley has been a certified BPS provider since December 1999, and Oakridge Denture & Implant Centre is a certified location for manufacturing BPS® Dentures.

BPS® Dentures incorporate highly esthetic and functional, wear-resistant teeth, in industry leading denture base material which is hypo-allergenic, high-impact, and with the lowest current microbial growth rate. In short, these are premium quality dentures made with world leading quality materials that will provide you with accurately fitting, comfortable, functional and esthetically natural looking dentures.

These dentures are consider Complex Dentures which are the highest level of non-implant denture available. They can be done as a single complete denture opposing your natural teeth, complete upper and lower dentures, a partial denture, or a combination of a complete and partial denture. As well, Charles Gulley uses the BPS® Denture technique for all of his implant-supported dentures!

As an added bonus for complete lower dentures in this system, Charles Gulley incorporates the Suction Effect Lower Denture techniques to provide the best possible result for a complete lower denture. Upper dentures typically have good to excellent suction, but lower dentures that isn’t always the case. Not everyone can afford dental implant treatment, so the Suction Effect technique allows us to provide another level of precision to non-implant dentures. Although we strive to obtain suction on the lower denture, not every patient will have suction with their lower denture due to their particular oral anatomy; however, the technique remains a very precise system for fitting of the lower denture.

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